20 Things You Need To Know About Mobile Search   



Flex Business Solutions Founder Named Investor Juror at One Spark Startup Expo

Flex Business Solutions Founder Named Investor Juror at One Spark Crowdfunding Expo One Spark 2015 Announces Jurors Chosen to Award $95,000 in Prizes…
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Why a Successful Marketing Strategy Takes Time?

Clients sometimes want to know why we have a lock- in commitment period of one whole year, for our program. After all, if…
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How Mobile Marketing Can Benefit Salon Owners

Consider this. As many as 70% of all mobile searches for salons, resulted in an appointment made the very same day. Salon customers,…
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Bonamour Launches Plant Stem Cell Skincare Line

We’ve just help launch a full online marketing campaign for Bonamour International includes landing page, website, marketing automation, ppc, remarketing, social media, affiliate…
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How NFC Can Change Your Retail Experience

The iPhone 6 comes with an NFC (Near Field Communication), but that doesn’t necessarily differentiate it from other smartphones out there. However, the…
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Facebook Expansion of Mobile Ad Network

As competitors Google and Yahoo move full steam ahead with mobile ad networks, Facebook has decided to open up its mobile ad network…
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Why You Need to Outsource Your Marketing and Now

A company that fails to invest significantly in marketing is bound to fail. Unfortunately, not every company is staffed with the kind of…
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Can You Afford to Ignore Customers with Their Smartphones?

As a company, you use billboards, flyers, and even blimps to connect with customers all over your city. How, then, can you ignore…
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Convenience, Ease of Use to Boost NFC Is Potential As a Marketing Tool

Imagine a technology that allows you, a retailer, to instantly connect with a customer in his home with personalized and customized marketing messages…
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What Is Content Marketing and What Can It Do for Your Business?

Most marketing companies spend as much as 25% of their budget plan on content marketing. Content marketing is the distribution of content that…
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20 Things You Need To Know About Mobile