Our Team

We're here to help provide some tips, help drive you customers, and increase revenue.

Bill Heneghan - CEO

Bill Heneghan has over 16 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures and startups. He has personally started several successful businesses and he loves connecting with other entrepreneurs and business owners to help them make improvements and watch the results. He finds it very rewarding to make a difference and add value to the bottom line. He has a real passion for free enterprise having grown up in a family owned business. Along with that, he’s a husband of 15 years to his wife Jane and father of two amazing sons, Spencer & Brett.

He understands that businesses need to embrace new marketing strategies that produce great results just like the larger brands. It was the possibilities and the need to apply lessons learned from strategies that are very successful for big companies in a way that made sense for small business that convinced him to write “Marketing on the Move.”

Marisabel Wolfinger - COO

Marisabel Wolnger has more than 20 years of database marketing experience with Fortune 500 companies. She has been integral in starting Service Bureau and Direct Marketing Analytic divisions. Marisabel led these new departments through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes.

Among her signicant previous positions, Marisabel worked at Amacore Group as VP of Business Development. She developed new products, executed affiliate marketing opportunities and implemented processes and reporting to streamline deliverables. She served as Director of Analytical Services for Harland Financial Solutions, a Fortune 500 Company, where she led the team that developed and launched a database modeling software that helped banking institutions lift their response rates based on weights of specic variables and buying behavior patterns. Prior to that she worked at SunTrust, with over $170 billion in assets; she was key to working statewide on all Florida banks marketing strategies and execution.

Marisabel graduated from the University of Central Florida.

Mark Hilton - CTO

Mark has extensive experience in innovating and leveraging the latest technology. His International successes include network cabling for new companies, Marketing Manager for one of the subsidiaries of Lufthansa Group (largest air carrier in Europe) where he marketed proprietary ight control software reaching sales of $13M to several other airlines.

Mark moved to the US in 2002 where he developed a booking engine for the travel industry before moving to the adult industry where his algorithms and innovation in the online publishing arena placed his company in the first 100 top visited sites in the world. Mark built and managed a team that processed over 1,600 transactions a day and had over 160 thousand active members. Mark then founded a company, Esecure, which provided Search
Engine Optimization services for lead generation purposes within the Insurance arena. He also created insurance quoting and lead gathering engine Facundi.com for the purpose of affiliate marketing.

Mark was born, raised and educated in Poland. He graduatedfrom Technical College.