Mobile Apps

for Schools

Keep your students and their parents updated on events and announcements at your school, all through the comfort of their smartphone. Allow parents to submit absentee forms and students to view the lunch menu right through the app. Increase communication within the school community via push notifications.


Push Notifications

Keep parents and students updated about upcoming school trips, announcements and sporting events using our powerful push messages.

Absentee Forms

Reduce unauthorized absences by allowing parents to submit absentee forms directly through the app.

Lunch Menu

Make parents and students aware of the lunch menus throughout the school year at a touch of a button.


List key events during the school year such as trips, holidays and sporting events within your school app.

Social Media

Engage students and parents via Facebook and Twitter and increase followers and likes directly from their mobile device.


Allow parents to purchase school uniforms and tickets to events right from the app using a debit or credit card.