Strategic Partnership Program

Anyone can hire a web design company, social media management firm or advertising agency to manage media buying. What’s hard to do is organize a team with a proven model for success. Over $380 million in revenue has been created with this program.

What We Do

Our company takes on 3-5 select strategic partnerships a year. Led by Bill Heneghan, CEO, we look for early phase growth companies that are doing anywhere from $1M-$5M in revenue that want to expand without adding the employee cost to the bottom line. Our team has an extensive background in revenue growth strategies, we bring a team that excels in key areas to target strategic revenue growth.

One of the key elements in today’s marketing efforts is having the horsepower to support growth initiatives. We find most companies are great at what they do, however, lack in several areas of expertise.

Program Options

Our program gives your business access to a select group of professionals who are incentivized to grow revenue and yield results.

  • Equity
  • Revenue Share
  • Consulting

We’re so confident in our methods, software & expertise that our desire is to ultimately work into a equity partnership or revenue share that allows for unlimited income on the business we develop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different than an agency?

Typically an agency model consults with you on a media plan. For example, an agency would propose a marketing plan based on your budget and then allocates the money based on their recommendations. They take an “agency fee” of 10-20% of the overall media spend whether the media is successful or not. In a majority of the companies we partner with - they do not have the infrastructure, proper online setup, database marketing software, marketing automation or expertise to measure the success of any media dollars being spent. Our model differs in that we take a holistic view of the company with the ultimate goal of being an asset that helps grow revenue, not expenses.

Are there any upfront fees?

In most cases there are some initial fees. We bring an entire team that can help with overall strategy, business relationships, web development, software development, analytics expertise and general support services. Consequently, when you add up the salaries of the talent required to put this type of team together on your own, it would likely land in the $150K - $200K a month range. So when you look at our fees don’t overlook the expertise, consultation and talent that comes along with it. It’s why not every business is a right fit for our services. Our program typically has an upfront investment of 3-6 months and then is performance based only. We have waived fees in some cases.

Do I qualify for the program?

We only choose 3-5 strategic partnerships a year.  We are very selective in these partnerships as we bring investment opportunities to the table, our personal time, implement an overall growth strategy, a dedicated team of experts in key skills, as well as a proven track record of growing revenue quickly.  To qualify you must be generating at least $1M to $5M in topline revenue.   We still work with companies that produce more than $5M in revenue but it may fit more into our consulting program.

How do you determine revenue share?

Before we execute an agreement we determine the average revenue baseline for the last 90 days of business.  We do not expect to share in any revenue on business you’ve already procured, however, upon determining the baseline everything over and above that number would be considered part of the revenue share agreement.