20 Things You Need To Know About Mobile Search   

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Five Steps to Designing a More Effective Mobile Strategy

Some of the biggest failures with mobile are associated with lack of planning and preparation. Developing a mobile presence doesn’t include only a…
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SEO For Small Business

Top SEO Mistakes Every small business owner understands they need to have a great website to remain competitive. Once you have a website…
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Mobile Commerce Facts Every Business Should Know

If you are a small business owner, who is still hoping against hope that the mobile marketing trend will simply fizzle out and…
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5 Mobile Coupon Design Tips

Mobile coupons are on the rise and everyone from major brands, to small business owners are able to create affordable mobile coupons because…
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Micro Videos and QR Codes – Staples for Advertising Strategies of the Future

“By now, businesses have learned some several very important lessons about next-generation marketing tools.” One tool that is not likely to drop in…
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Tips for Hiring a Local Marketing Agency

A big-name or experience delivering results for companies with a nationwide presence may not necessarily be what's good for your small business. If…
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What Restaurant Customers Really Want

If you are in the Restaurant Industry, these stats should definitely make you stand up and pay attention. About 95% of independent restaurants…
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Google Now Pushing Customers to Make Mobile Websites

Most company websites load horribly when they are accessed via a smartphone device. Google knows this, and knows that it reflects badly not…
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Five Great Ways to Market Your Mobile App

So you got yourself an app. Congrats! However, now the challenge is to make sure that your app gets noticed among the millions…
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Restaurant Chains Experiment with Mobile to Attract New Generation of Customers

Fast food franchises and restaurant chains like TGI Friday’s and Dunkin Donuts are experimenting with high-tech outlets to reach out to a more…
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20 Things You Need To Know About Mobile